Chassis and
the vehicle body

Sandblasting and surface cleaning —

Discover the applications of sandblasting

Glass frosting

Remove oxides

Paint stripping on wood

Removal of impurities, paint and varnishes

01 — Wooden surfaces


Ideal for removing old paints in poor condition, impurities, and if you want, creating a natural aging effect.


Does not damage the wood

In a week they have recovered the beams to their natural wood.
You feel the light that has been gained in the living room and in the bedrooms. Frankly happy, we will repeat for other jobs.

Miquel Sacarés Más



Restoration 100%

Restoration 100%

02 — Metal surfaces


Sandblasting allows the iron to be recovered by removing all the rust and paint in
poor condition. It recovers the metal in its original state, for subsequent treatment (priming and finishing).

We took advantage of the sandblasting, in the restoration of the building. They did all the cleaning of all iron beams, they removed the rust, and later they primed and gave the finishing look with a two- component paint. All this, almost two days ahead of the schedule. A very professional job.

Raúl García


03 — Stone surfaces


Being a chemical-free cleaning method, it offers a thorough cleaning, removing impurities and enhancing the original nature of the stone.

Building interiors

Cleaning of dirt

Dry ice

Dry ice blasting leaves no residue after application. Being ice, it melts immediately after the blasting. Given its characteristics, at Seico9 we use it depending on the work to be carried out.

Microsphere blasting

The microsphere blasting is applied in a closed space, because microcrystals are ejected at a high power. It is mainly used for jobs that require a lot of precision.

Bring your objects back to life, or age them and give them a new life
Customized services


Special services for companies

Our surface cleaning services are focused on companies in any sector. We adapt to the client and move on site, for large-scale jobs.

Private customers

We offer our surface cleaning and restoration services to private customers who wish to restore any object or support of; metal, wood or stone. We save you many hours of sandpapering, from a chair or an iron, to the tractor or the façade of your house.

Some of our customers

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