— How do we work?

Our philosophy

We carry it in the DNA of the entire team, even in our
business name. Seico 9 is the result of three basic concepts in the way we work and deal with our customers. (Seico 9 is Security and Confidence, knowing that we can always and must improve to achieve the 10 that only the client can give).

Wood treatments

From a complete cleaning of impurities and stripping of layers of paint, to the aging of that piece of furniture or ceiling beams.

Or do you prefer to leave the beta view according to your needs or taste?

Metal treatments

It is very convenient, in a new construction, to sandblast the beams before they are installed so that the primer and subsequent finish adhere better. We remove all existing rust, leaving the metal surface in perfect condition for subsequent treatment (beams, doors, railings, bars) essential in renovation and restoration works.

Stone treatment

Any type of stone, also sandstone, is like new after cleaning with
sandblasting, facades, walls, terraces and stairs. In many cases we apply a water-repellent finish that helps preserve the stone. We return the stone to its natural stone.

Other materials

Consult us for the treatment and restoration of other materials such as PVC, plastics, etc.