— How do we work?

Our philosophy

We carry it in the DNA of the entire human team, even in the name of the company itself. Seico 9 is the result of three basic concepts in the way we work and deal with our customers. (Seico 9 is Security and Confidence, knowing that we can always and must improve to achieve the 10 that only the client can give).

Wood cleaning

Furniture, doors, frames, windows and shutters; the ceiling beams, the Llaut, and even that already very dark statue or base of the lamp, we strip it without you wasting any time sandpapering it. We will leave the natural finish of the wood or we give it the finish that you decide. Or, we just do the first part, the time consuming and unrewarding part (sandpaper and stripping) and then you finish it off.

Metal cleaning

That sewing machine, the chassis of the car, the fences in the garden and the garage door. Not to mention the bike, those chandeliers or the already rusty chairs and tables on the terrace. Remember, we remove the rust, and if you also tell us the finishing color, then it will be as good as new.

Stone cleaning

It´s time for the façade, that sandstone, the balustrade of the terrace or the statues in the garden, we leave any stone surface with its own color and natural touch, the results is incredible. If you doubt, no problem, we do a test and you decide.

Other materials

Contact us for assistance with other materials.