Dry ice

Dry ice blasting leaves no residue after application. Being ice, it melts immediately after the blasting. Given its characteristics, at Seico9 we use it depending on the work to be carried out.

Microsphere blasting

The microsphere blasting is applied in a closed space, because microcrystals are ejected at a high power. It is mainly used for jobs that require a lot of precision.

01 — Companies


From new construction (where it is very convenient to remove the calamine from the beams), to the sanitation and cleaning of beams, wood and facades in restorations and reforms. We advise you, to undertake our work in the planning of the construction and/or reform.




The stone of the facade came up spectacular and the two vaults inside the courtyard like new. Good job guys.

Antonio A.



Before sandblasting

02 — Private customers

Services to private customers

From a fork to Majorcan doors and shutters, passing on to the chassis and vehicle body, motorcycle or bicycle, even the pool, the furniture and the terrace floor. Any support made of metal, stone, wood (consult others such as PVC or plastic). You can have them all like new, brighter or aged, to your taste, through previous test.

We recover grandfather´s tractor even with the original brand, how wonderful!

Joan Salva


More applications of sandblasting

  • Cleaning and restoration of buildings and facades.

  • Graffiti removal.

  • Cleaning of monuments and street furniture.

  • Pool cleaning.

  • Cleaning of granites, marbles, natural and artificial stones, tiles, etc.

  • Cleaning of fences, gates, and other metal structures (bridges, viaducts…).

  • Frosting of glass and conversion of marble, to non-slip. Ideal for bathrooms and showers.
  • Rust removal and cleaning of all types of metals.

  • Surface primer for subsequent painting

  • Cleaning of industrial and agricultural machinery (trailers, concrete mixers, cranes, tires, etc.).

  • Cleaning of containers, bathtubs, hot water accumulators, etc.

  • Cleaning of ship hulls, whether fiber, wood or sheet metal (antifouling).
  • Cleaning of all types of wood (doors, window frames, beams, ceilings and floors, coffered ceilings, furniture, carving, etc,). Save yourself many hours or days, sandpapering or stripping.