The Seico9 team, regardless of our nationality, beliefs, gender or ideologies, are convinced that working for something more than a salary leads us to do our work with more enthusiasm and dedication, because we are really improving the world.

YOU: can keep complaining or join in on improving the world with Seico9.

HOW? Choosing from the following list, where you want us to allocate 0,5% of the invoice of the work we have done for you.

Residential care homes

(One good turn deserves another)

Nemo fundation

(If you are a father or a mother? Then everything has already been said)

ASNIMO Foundation

(Very personal attention, to enhance a lot of capacities)


(Not even in the NBA will you be able to see these passes)

What are we going to do?

Once every trimester we will contact your choice, not to deliver an amount of money, but as a priority, to tell us what we can invest it in (a wheelchair for the residence, two bags of food for an adult dog, medications, an interactive device screen…) and we will regularly inform, on our website, of your small and great contributions, so that this world can change and improve.